Building a new Garvey

Construction is underway for a replacement for Clearwater's Garvey. The existing Garvey has served us well for 27 years, and has been donated to Tuckerton River Sailing Musuem, Tuckerton, NJ. The original garvey was built there in the early 18th century, and to this day is known as a Tuckerton River Sailing Garvey. This page will keep you posted on how construction develops.

Photos (flickr)   plans_4_up.pdf    Quick look at status (doc file)


NOTE from Tom: I have been keeping the Quick Look document up to date instead of this log. But I do have log data and will update it soon.  --  Tom Gibson, May 8.

updated: March 5

February 28: Scarfed the chine log, ready to glue. Reorganized the garage preparatory to assembly, Layed out the the port side cut plan.

February 22: Rippled the chine log. Retrieved canopy from NMHA trailer.

February 15: Lee boards weighted. Aft frame cut and glued. Bow chine log layed out.

February 9: Posted the "quick look" status sheet. Use the link above. This is a fairly complete to-do list, with X marks to show what is done and NEEDS to show upcoming shopping.

February 8: Lee boards epoxied. Forward frame parts cut out midweek. Forward frame glued up.

February 1: Port panel glued midweek. Stored. No need to draw cut plan as it will be traced from the starboard side when that side is cut out. Scarfed and glued the keelson. Lee boards sanded ready for first epoxy coat.

January 25: Gluing the starboard side panel done mid week by John and Tom. New worker Jim K drew the cut plan onto this panel. Stored the part. First gluing of port side panel. 

January 18: Nice total at today's work party. Three crews.
The leeboard crew glued together two lee boards, each is two panels.
The side panel crew finished all scarfs and are ready to begin gluing.
The rudder crew examined and commented on Wayne's kick-up rudder model. Final design is close.

January 12: Posted the original garvey plans:  (plans_4_up.pdf). Four pages can be taped together for larger view. Several workers asked for these to be posted. Thanks to Shannon Gilvary for the CAD work.

January 11: Really good work party today. See Photos. We had two teams working, one on scarfing four plywood planks roughly 2 x 8 feet each to one long 30+ foot plank. They got 2 of 3 needed double scarfs done. From that when glued we will cut one side. Then another side. The second team cut out blanks for the two lee boards. They are ready to glue. Workers were: Kevin, Jim, and John Franchi, Rik vanHemmen, Mathew Winchell, Bob McKay, Wayne DeVilbiss, Tom Gibson. Irene Gibson made black bean soup.

January 7, 2014: Meeting at Tom's house. Click for minutes / drawings...

 Minutes, rudderrudder drawing, bathtub conceptbathtub concept, bow and construction stepsbow and construction steps.

November 4: Charles has built the transom. Tom Gibson has cut blanks to make the stem.

November 1; Charles Gross has built the molds.

October 24; The wood is purchased, and is in Tom's garage. Marine plywood, and Southern Yellow Pine.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013, 7:30 pm at Monmouth Boat Club. Tom and Rik presented the planning status. The plan was approved.

Links to relevant documents, and sites.

Construction Manual, 7 pages with drawings                          <<<=== UPDATE, 10-22, transom

History of the Clearwater Garvey, 2 page doc file

New Garvey - Archive  Early planning documents, minutes, etc.

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