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Planning for this new garvey for NJ Friends of Clearwater began in the summer of 2012. Here are links to early documents, minutes, calculations, etc. Good for historical reference, but not the latest stuff for the construction.

Plethora of early stuff...

History: Early thoughts
Goals: New Garvey Goals
Review Meeting, Aug 14, 2012: Discussion, Aug 14, 2012, Tom's Recollection
Review Meeting, Aug 14, 2012: Meeting Consensus, Aug 24, 2012
Tom's Drawings: Garvey Replacement - Tom's Drawings
Tom's Calculations: Garvey Replacement - Tom's Calculations     <<<===  UPDATE May 6, 2013
The Model: New Garvey - The Model                   
Usage: New Garvey - How the cut plan is used    
Materials: New Garvey -- materials list    
Article: What is a cut plan?History of the Clearwater Garvey, 2 page doc file

Many of the above items have been gathered into one PDF document...

Plan Document, doc file, 25 pages     New Garvey Plan        <<<=== Last version, September 19, 2013

LInks to relevant sites with construction techniques...

Harold Payson's web site:
Article: What is tack-and-tape?

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