The Onrust Cruise Sponsors
The following people, companies and organizations are generously sponsored the Onrust Cruise in order to further support NMHA's wide ranging mission.
Jib Sponsors:
Seastreak Ferries The fastest, funnest and most efficient connection between Monmouth County and Manhattan.
Provider of the classiest transportation to Martha's Vineyard and points along the Hudson.




Laird & Company  A family owned business treasure. The oldest distiller in the United States right here in Monmouth County.
The home of Laird's Applejack, Laird's Apple Brandy and a heritage that is a true mirror of the American experience with ties to George Washington, Johnnie Appleseed, the Cold War and the basis for the Jack Rose.   


Helm Sponsors
Society of Marine Port Engineers A technical society of marine professinals

James R Magaziner, Certified Financial Planner, Acorn Financial Services.

Plankowner Sponsor:

BSSB, always interested in making things better.

NMHA thanks our sponsors and is proud to receive their confidence in execution of NMHA's mission. 

In Kind Sponsors:, Worldwide marine photography based in the Port of New York.

Fair Haven Yacht Works, for their generous use of their docks during the visit to Fair Haven. 

Hughes Marine, clearing house for marine difficulties, for hosting the Onrust at Erie Basin, Brooklyn.

BVGK Law, Red Bank Admiralty Attorneys, for hosting the thirsty and hungry Onrust crew upon their arrival in Monmouth County. 

Christine Burke of Christine Burke Associates for her advice, support and inspiration in organizing this event.

Also see our Anchor Sponsors

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