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A Note About the Regatta Philosophy

After the last Regatta in XXXX there were various efforts at reviving the event, but it had become apparent that a true race event in Red Bank no longer was an operational reality.

Still, year after year, people referred to the generally exciting atmosphere of the Regatta and often wished for a revival. However, preferences and and attitudes change, and maybe a full blown Regatta no longer would be appropriate. However, history is fun and "no touch" history is boring. Yes, a Regatta is noisy, but one weekend per year of noise and courteous quiet for the rest of the year is preferable to continuous river noise pollution. While it is called the Regatta, the event is really a recreation and demonstration of what used to take place in the past and how it fits in the future.

As such, this event will be both a celebration of raucous river rowdiness and an opportunity to reflect on a summer of river peace, courtesy, and quiet and an appreciation of the beauty that the river provides. 

In this regard, the Regatta committee is looking forward to a strong presence in the park of river environmental and educational organizations to explain the value of peace, quiet, wildlife and boater courtesy.

The Regatta is simply one community event that celebrates the many beneficial uses of the river. On June 5, 6 and 7 the river will support boat races and a community celebration.  For the rest of the year the river will support boaters of all types and shapes whether power boaters, sailors, paddlers, fishermen, and even swimmers who extend each other the courtesies that we all deserve. 

With this event we hope to see involvement by all the stakeholders; to have friendly and joyful fellowship, and to develop better understandings for everybody's point of view and to see the river as an example of the joy of the commons instead of the tragedy of the commons.


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