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Bahr's Restaurant, Highlands, NJ

Bahrs Restaurant in Highlands, NJ is a Jersey shore institution. NMHA and Bahrs have engaged in a unique joint venture that resulted in the creation of the Bahrs Landing Restaurant, Marine Bar & Museum. This museum incorporates Ship model builder Henry Schaefer's collection of museum quality ship models.

VISIT, have a drink, and tour the models. You will not be disappointed!

What is less well known is that Bahrs is a massive source and preserver of maritime heritage. Anybody who has visited Bahrs will have noticed the Diver Dan suit, the historic photos and the sperm whale jaws that make up the restaurant's decor. Outside the restaurant there are other opportunities to be involved in nautical activities such as catching a ride on the Mum Runner (Seabright skiff description) or to go on a fishing charter trip with one of the charterboats that ties up to the marina. And that is just the beginning, on the North side of the marina Bahrs displays an authentic San Blas Islands dugout canoe and on the South side of the property, beneath Moby's, the Baykeeper raises oysters for oyster reef restoration in the Raritan Bay.

NMHA is Cataloguing and Curating a Model Ship Collection

Just recently Bahrs extended its nautical collection with the display of Henry Schaefer's model ship collection. This is an extraordinary collection of 33 ship models that were built by Henry Schaefer, an Atlantic Highlands resident. The collection is a trip through nautical history that makes both famous and obscure stops along the way.

Three generations of Columbia Bar lightships, by Henry SchaeferNMHA has entered into an agreement with Bahrs' Restaurant to curate the Bahrs' collection, to form what is, in essence, the region's first Maritime Restaurant, Bar, and Museum.

This project will include many facets including:

  • Design of displays
  • Organizing educational events
  • Joint venture publications about local and national maritime heritage
  • Promotion of the maritime angle in education and STEM
  • Promotion of Bahrs Landing as a statewide and national maritime heritage destination
  • Provide NMHA with a physical home location

NMHA is proud to be part of a maritime heritage venture that is self funding and to bring maritime heritage preservation to a new level of sustainability and public access.

This is a Two River Times Article on the project

Bahr's Landing, 1950's

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