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Welcome to Navesink Maritime Heritage Association

Navesink Maritime Heritage Association is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving knowledge and appreciation of Monmouth County's maritime heritage through programs that teach wooden boat building and boat handling skills; through preserving the history of Monmouth County's wooden boat builders and other maritime history; and through the experiential on-the-water programs of River Rangers for children age 10-14, Adults and families of all ages, and Sea Scout Ship #5 Navesink for co-ed youth age 14-21. 

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Dear NMHA volunteers, members, and friends,

In 2022, I never expected that to a large extent I would be repeating my COVID comments of 2021 (and 2020!). In the back of my mind, I expected the whole COVID thing to be over by the end of 2021. Unfortunately, with the appearance of the Omicron mutation in the last few weeks of December 2021 it is now starting to appear that 2022 will literally be 2020 too.

However, somehow NMHA manages to adjust course with the prevailing storms and stick to the execution of its mission. While COVID considerations were ever present, it has far from prevented NMHA from doing what it does: focusing on the river, local history, youth engagement and general fun.

We have presented speakers in Zoom format. We have had various successful excursions such as whale watching and the cruise to Red Hook and back. We have had River Rangers, picnics, family paddles, and Grover house projects. All these events were designed to be flexible to adjust to changing COVID requirements and we managed to make most of them work splendidly.  

That success depends not only on the hard work of the board and volunteers, but also on the flexibility and patience of the members and participants. Particularly, I would like to commend everybody with our record of having absolutely no transmission vectors running through NMHA in 2020 or 2021, and hopefully we can repeat that record in 2022 and complete most of our events and programs without incident.

In 2021 we lost some friends. In particular I would like to make mention of Walt Treacy who passed away last December. Walt was a very strong supporter and a truly likeminded soul to NMHA, and we were very much honored to have received substantial donations in his memory.

Rik van Hemmen, President NMHA


Please renew your Membership or Join NMHAIt is not expensive, and it helps us so much to focus on the fun. Please note that Membership choices include SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIPS as well as the traditional Annual  Memberships. A Sustainer has an automatic monthly deduction from a credit card that continues until the Sustainer decides to stop, whereas the Annual Memberships are renewed manually each year. Renew or join now and you will be a member for 2022. Renewals are on the membership anniversary.

Sponsors and Partners

NMHA is fortunate to have a number of loyal Sponsors and Supporters listed below.

Click on the logos to go to their respective websites.

NMHA's website hosting and other projects in progress have been funded in part from the New Jersey Historic Trust through the Heritage Tourism Grant Program.

A long-time supporter of NMHA's bird watching cruises around Sany Hook and adventures across Raritan Bay to Staten Island, Governors Island, and Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Bahrs Landing has provided generous support of NMHA's numerous events (public presentations, annual dinners, receptions etc.) held at Bahrs over many years.

Martin & Ottaway is recognized as one of the United States’ foremost marine consulting firms, offering engineering and surveying services all over the world. The company and its president have provided financial support and guidance since NMHA's inception in 1999.

Around the River

Earth's Ozone Layer on track to recover within 40 years

The Earth's ozone layer is on its way to recovering within the next 40 years, thanks to decades of work to get rid of ozone-damaging chemicals, according to a panel of international experts backed by the United Nations.

The ozone layer serves an important function for living things on Earth. This shield in the stratosphere protects humans and the environment from harmful levels of the sun's ultraviolet radiation.

An article with further details is found here.

Unique opportunity to own a classic Sea Bright Skiff in excellent condition

NMHA was approached to adopt this Zobel Sea Skiff. It is a great Sea Bright built boat, but unfortunately does not fit the NMHA operational mission. The boat is for sale and may be a unique alternative to the purchase of an equivalent fiberglass boat and certainly would be more interesting and fun.  More information HERE

See Wooden Boats are Not Always More Expensive than Fiberglass Boats by NMHA President Rik van Hemmen HERE.


Walter J. Treacy (1943- 2021)

On December 5, 2021 Navesink Maritime lost one of its most loyal members and fiercest supporters, Walt Treacy.

Go HERE to read a tribute to Walt

and his life.

In lieu of flowers the Treacy Family suggests a donation to Navesink Maritime Heritage Association. Please note 'Walt's Shop' in the comments. Please go HERE to donate

GROVER HOUSE, November 2021

Another successful Eagle Scout project completed: a new pathway to the front door plus flower garden. More pictures HERE

Bald Eagle Abundance!

The banning of DDT in 1972 and the cleaning of polluted rivers and creeks has played a big part in the resurgence of Bald Eagles (and all fish-eating birds of prey) since the 1970's. More information HERE and HERE.

SIX bald Eagles were seen on the mud flats at the mouth of the Navesink during NMHA's Bird watching Cruise in 2020!


The book Chronology of Boating on the Navesink River would be a great present for someone who has moved away from the area.

Guns Blazing! The War of 1812 and the New Jersey Shore is for lovers of the early history of the US Navy, with wonderful paintings of ship-on-ship battles.

Go HERE to explore these and other items in the Store.


Read an essay by Merdith Comi of NY/NJ Baykeeper HERE


Monmouth County has been conducting Public Information Meetings in our area for some years. Read the latest updates HERE


The Historic Liberty ship John W Brown museum is berthed in its town of creation, Baltimore, Maryland. From the National Maritime Historical Society.


It is truly fun to be able to observe these large marine mammals so closely in our urban environment. This is the Sandy Hook National Park info on seals.

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