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Oyster Garvey -- Environmental Sail Program

This Garvey is owned by New Jersey Friends of Clearwater and they have used it in their Environmental Sail Program  continuously since 1986, but NMHA has been jointly involved in its operation  and maintenance for quite a number of years. For more NMHA info on the garvey go to New Jersey Friends of Clearwater's Garvey.

On summer weekday evenings, one day per week, anybody who shows up at the dock at the appointed time gets a free boat ride, and a bit of environmental discussion about the Navesink River. There are no reservations required, in fact we do not even have a way to take reservations. Just show up. But it is a small boat, so we can take only small parties, 2 or 3 folks. Kids about 5 years old and up are welcome with a parent or other adult, and over 12 with or without their parent.

The boat is also being used in the NMHA sea scout program as a training vessel and NMHA takes an active role in its maintenance.

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