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The President’s End of Year Letter

From Rik van Hemmen

Dear Members,

2022 has been a very successful year and we look forward to an even more successful year for 2023.

While we have many programs that return year to year, we always focus on the future. As far as the NMHA mission is concerned, there are exciting times ahead. 2026 will be the 250th anniversary of the United States and NMHA is looking at various ways to commemorate it. We have already published our replica Steamboat concept, and we have additional program concepts under development. If anybody is interested in helping organize for USA 250 we look forward to hearing from you.

As another example, in the coming year the accessible portion and interpretation of the Grover house will be expanded, and we are excited to be included in the Monmouth County Historical Weekend tour in May.

Our working team has grown a little in number with the addition of Mary Gerdes and Joe and Connie Cali-Poutre in 2022. Mary has taken over the treasurer duties from Gayle Horvath and Joe and Connie will focus on keeping our media up to date. Nevertheless, we can always use more volunteers and when you see a program or activity that tickles your fancy, please do not hesitate to contact us.   

I would like to complete this letter with a very special salute and thank you to Gayle Horvath. Gayle was one of the founders of NMHA back in 1999 and since our founding in the last century, Gayle has been our magic ingredient in getting things done in NMHA’s wide ranging activities. There is no space to list all of the great work Gayle has done, but most of all I want to point out that while for most of the time Gayle has been listed as treasurer, there is not one program that has not been initiated, improved, manned or saved by Gayle’s efforts ranging from manning the booth, dealing with all the frustrating paper work that needs to be completed to keep us alive, to her passion for educational excellence.

With changing family circumstances Gayle is moving to North Carolina, and while I have pitched the presently fashionable concept of remote work, she very much deserves to step out of the NMHA whirlwind and take some time to refocus. We extend our very best wishes in that regard. 

In this letter, NMHA officially thanks Gayle Horvath for her incredible contributions to NMHA. Gayle has set the standard, and we hope that we can continue to perform to Gayle’s level of excellence and passion in the future.      

Very truly yours,

Rik van Hemmen, President

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